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How might we add more strategic value to our company?


How might we help our organization become more adaptable?


How might we gear up to help internal groups with the diverse challenges they face?


How might we strategically re-skill our team beyond the focus on UX?


How might we reposition our UX group with our company?


BBC - Case Study

Strategic Co-Creation Program

Working closely with UX leaders at BBC, Humantific was asked to provide several rounds of Complexity Navigation skill-building. This is experiential skill building far beyond introductory bootcamp experience. It is particularly focused on the more challenging skills of Strategic Cocreation and Open Challenge Framing. These are skills that allow the team to engage their broader organization in fundamentally different ways. These skills allow the team to become proactive across diverse organizational innovation and changemaking needs rather than reactive responding to one UX need.


We are seeing this kind of interest from several experience design groups inside global corporations seeking to proactively reposition through upstream upskilling. Unlike product, service and experience design thinking the skills learned in Complexity Navigation are adaptable to any type of organization challenge or opportunity. Upskilling a core team represents one pillar in a broader goal of shifting the organization to become more adaptable. If a “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” this core team upskilling is often a good place to begin.

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